Massage By Bobbilee -
Massage By Bobbilee 

        Buy 2 (1hr) Sessions for $40 each
and Get A Third Session For FREE!!!*

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A Certified Medical Massage Practitioner
Certified Personal Trainer
Accepts Most Insurance
If you have Any questions at all. Please Don't Hesitate To Call.
Clinical Massage has been known to help:
--Tension Headaches --Migraines
--Carpal Tunnel Syndrome --Plantar Fasciitis
--Range of Motion --Leg Cramps
--Restless Leg Syndrome --Insomnia
--Myofascial Pain --Sports Injuries
--TMJ --Tennis Elbow --Golfer Elbow
--Fibromyalgia --Neck --Shoulders
 --Lower Back Pain
-Much, -Much -More 
Clinical Massage Helps A LOT More Than people realize it does.
--We have over 200 Bones in the body.--
--We have over 600 Muscles in the body.--
If there is pain in your body. What is the chance of it being
Muscles over Bones?
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
 * Buy 2 Get a Third Free is for new clients Only
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