Massage By Bobbilee -
Massage By Bobbilee
also a
Certified Personal Trainer

$40.00 for 1hr Massage


If you have Any questions or like to make an appointment.

Please Call.
Clinical Massage has been known to help:
--Tension Headaches --Migraines
--Carpal Tunnel Syndrome --Plantar Fascitis
--Range of Motion --Leg Cramps
--Restless Leg Syndrome --Insomnia
--Myofascial Pain --Sports Injuries
--TMJ --Tennis Elbow --Golfer Elbow
--Fibromyalgia --Neck --Shoulders
 --Lower Back Pain
-Much, -Much -More 
Clinical Massage Helps A LOT More Than people realize it does.
--We have over 200 Bones in the body.--
--We have over 600 Muscles in the body.--
If there is pain in your body. It is 3 Times the chance of it being
a Muscle over a Bone
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